Our talented creative team, with their experienced and dedicated professionalism, are always eager to help bring our clients’ vision to life. The creative team can create a storyboard from scratch, or work from a brief that describes the desired content piece. Motion design and graphic design are our core specialties. We also create applications that use augmented reality, motion and gesture technologies, and multi-player games. See examples below.

National Bank of Canada

Market fluctuations protection content

This 30 seconds content was created in 2014 for the NBC video walls that are located behind the tellers and is visible to people waiting in line. The challenge was to create an entertaining piece of content which would demonstrate how easy it is for clients to reduce their risk and establish the future selling price of their agricultural output.

Software : Adobe Flash

Adelaide Club

Running Man

Located at the heart of Toronto’s downtown Financial District, The Adelaide Club is one of the most prestigious clubs in Canada. In order to attract the attention of passers-by, iGotcha Media was engaged to install two 4-screen and two 3-screen video walls, directly into the front store.

The 14-screen video wall can play individual pieces of content or work in conjunction with the other video walls to provide a larger canvass across all screens.Each screen receives a Full-HD signal – the ultra-high resolution video wall displays dynamic content created by iGotcha Media and catches the attention of the large crowd walking in front of the club every day. Additional portrait screens were strategically installed near the entrances to greet members and inform them of the latest news, promotions and events. The Adelaide Club has also installed screens in their fitness center which modernized the club’s appearance while simultaneously promoting its massage professionals, personal trainers and a bevy of other services.

iGotcha Media provided the Adelaide Club with all hardware, installation services, our proprietary digital signage software and monitoring system (iGotcha Signage), as well as with content creation and network management services.

Software : Adobe After Effects

National Bank of Canada

Content for building lobby

This content was designed to attract the attention of people going through the common space of a large office tower. The purpose of the content was to create brand awareness and draw potential new customers inside.

Software : Adobe After Effects

St. Justine Hospital

Healthy Choices

iGotcha Media was asked to create a touch screen game that would teach children about the importance of making healthy choices when choosing what to eat. The game is located next to the vending machines in the hospital.

Software : Adobe Flash

Chicago Tribune


iGotcha Media installed an eye-catching, completely interactive window for the Chicago Tribune. With one simple touch, visitors get the news, the weather and a map to nearby shopping and dining. Additionally, with the photo booth application, passers-by can appear to be on the front page of the newspaper, as well as email the picture to their friends.

Software : Adobe Flash

Lester’s Deli

digital menu

When Lester’s Deli opened its restaurant in the Montreal Airport, iGotcha Media was tasked with providing a turn-key solution. iGotcha Media conducted a photo-shoot and created a digital menu templating system that allowed for content to be easily changed. Breakfast and lunch menus were custom-designed, whereby specials of the day and prices could easily be updated in real time.

Software : Adobe Flash

Stevens Display for Bruce Power


This educational and entertaining game is made with four screens, including one touch screen. The player is responsible for managing the different power sources of a city, and must keep as many people as possible in the community happy. The object of the game was to inspire people to think about the consequences of their energy choices.

Software : Adobe Flash


Content for LGBT

iGotcha Media was asked to develop entertaining and engaging content to be played in multiple Browns stores in support of the LGBT community during their 2015 Parade. The content incorporated the Browns logo displayed in the colors of the LGBT flag in a dynamic and joyful video. It was deployed onto video walls located in Browns stores in Vancouver and on Sainte-Catherine Street in downtown Montreal.

Software: Adobe After Effects