iGotcha Signage is an easy-to-use web / cloud based content management system (CMS) that allows content to be managed in real-time. iGotcha Signage can pull in news, weather, Twitter, Facebook and other RSS feeds, so that content is dynamically and automatically updated. Our proprietary digital signage platform also includes a development application for creating templates and authoring content. Most importantly, our software includes a monitoring and reporting engine.

Content Management

Group and Schedule

iGotcha Signage allows for content to be easily managed. Creating groups of players is a simple way to make deployments easier in larger networks. Grouping players together allows content to be deployed more efficiently. The scheduling feature allows for content to be pre-programmed and managed by time of day, day, week or month.

Monitoring Engine

Dashboard and Email Alerts

The iGotcha Signage dashboard shows a quick snapshot of network health. Green means everything is working properly & red means that something is wrong and should be investigated. iGotcha Signage monitors 15 different aspects of the hardware and software solution. When an issue arises , an email alert is dispatched relating the problem. When an issue is resolved (example: power returns), an email alert is dispatched indicating everything is working properly again.

Reporting Engine

Uptime and Usage Reports

iGotcha Signage can generate reports that show uptime by player or groups of players. Simply select the desired time range, then select the player or groups of players, iGotcha Signage will then generate a report that shows the uptime percentage. When used on a touch screen, iGotcha Signage can also be used to gather and manage data that is collected. Reports can be generated that show number of users per screen as well as the average length of time per user.

iGotcha Media can also incorporate 3rd party audience measurement software that can measure how many people walk past or actually look at a screen.

L-Frame Layout

Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal

iGotcha Media can create a custom L-FRAME that includes rss feeds such as sports scores, stock market quotes, news & sports headlines, lottery results, weather and more.