User guide

WebOS Configuration

Setting up content on WebOS 3.2 for more than 5 screens synchronized.

Updating the system to the desired version:
First it is preferred that all screens be wired connected.
In order to update the player with latest IPK version go
Then select player and choose ‘Update app(production_ipk)’ on the
top of the page at your right hand side.
The page will be updated with the following command, you have to
edit it with right version that you want to update to.
Change highlighted value from ‘webos3.ipk’ to ‘webos3.2.ipk’
var options = {}; options.serverIp = ‘’;
options.serverPort = 8592; options.secureConnection = false;
options.appLaunchMode = Conguration.AppMode.LOCAL;
options.appType = Conguration.AppType.IPK ||
‘IPK’;options.fqdnMode = true; options.fqdnAddr =
‘’; function successCb() { var
updateOptions = { type: ‘ipk’, to: Storage.AppMode.LOCAL,
recovery: true }; var successCb = function() {
sendResponse(‘App was updated. Reboot App’); new
Power().executePowerCommand(function(){}, function(){}, {
powerCommand: Power.PowerCommand.REBOOT }); }; var
failureCb = function(cbObject) { sendResponse(‘[ERROR]
App was not updated’ + cbObject.errorCode); }; new
Storage().upgradeApplication(successCb, failureCb,
updateOptions); } function failureCb(cbObject) {
sendResponse(‘[ERROR] Property was not set’ +
cbObject.errorCode); } new
Conguration().setServerProperty(successCb, failureCb,


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