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Digital Menu Boards – Top Benefits of Going Digital in Toronto


Do you ever find yourself walking down a busy downtown street and being attracted to the cool digital menu boards in front of restaurants?


Now, do you remember reading or even noticing any of the print menus?

Possibly. But unlikely.

The fact of the matter is: Digital resonates.

Bright colored high-definition images succeed in quickly grabbing a customer’s attention.

Print vs. Digital: Why Digital Menu Boards are Winning

Digital signage technology makes it possible for customers to take their interaction with the menu in a bar or restaurant to a new level, allowing patrons to view high-resolution images of the meals, drinks and specials being offered at any given time.

In addition, the digital menu boards can also be interactive where a customer will be able to review the menu pages and place an order on-site.

And that’s not all, digital menu boards are not only better for the customer, but for the restaurant owners too;


The Benefits – Digital menu boards

  1. Managing your menu with ease

Being a restaurant or bar owner is a daily challenge because a lot of things must come into place at once. From menu changes to inventory updates, everything has to be taken into account simultaneously for things to work.

Digital menu boards can manage it all.

For instance – say you are a restaurant owner that offers digital screens at each table to illustrate the beverage list. It is the middle of a busy night and you just ran out of a particular bottle of wine. In a matter of seconds you can access the POS system and remove it from the list on all of the screens, avoiding misunderstandings with your customers.

Likewise, if an item is overstocked, you can discount or promote that product to keep it from going to waste.

  1. Remotely update your content (network management)

Digital menu boards allow you to manage the entire network of menu boards from anywhere with an internet connection. You will be able to monitor the health of the system, the content being deployed and control the messages such as specials that the customers are seeing all in real-time.

  1. Successfully alluring potential clients

Toronto has quickly become an international tech-hub where large companies have come to access the North American markets.

With renowned technology developers such as Ubisoft Canada and SAP Canada Inc., Toronto has established itself as a leading city for tech and business companies to start up or branch out.

With an estimated population of over 6 million, the downtown Toronto area becomes a very busy and hectic place around lunchtime. Thus, many restaurants have begun investing in digital signage to lure in customers with higher effectiveness than print ever could. These digital menu boards allow restaurants to publicize their menus in a clear and entertaining way for all passersby to see.

  1. Cross-promotions

Toronto’s recognition and growth in the past years has resulted in a flurry of businesses to set up shop in the downtown area. Cross promoting can be a beneficial strategy for companies located in close proximity to team up.

Example – If you are a restaurant located in the same building as an insurance company, cross promoting each other’s products through digital signage can be very advantageous when it comes to locking down returning customers.

Digital menu boards can make these collaborations a very easy task by providing user-friendly templates where each company can upload and advertise the other’s products and promotions, gaining a wholesome reputation amongst customers.

Out With The Old & In With The New

Digital menu boards are paving the way, providing that needed convenience which allows people to view the essence of what a restaurant has to offer in attractive high-resolution images, at a quick glance.

That needed convenience is what iGotcha Media specializes in through their eye-catching, entertaining and informative digital signage. Visit our website and contact us today to learn about our products and services.


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