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5 Ways to Implement Digital Menu Boards Without Breaking Your Budget

Consumers are becoming better acquainted with digital screens and interactive touch displays at an astounding pace. The demand for personalized customer service combined with such technology has created exciting new opportunities for customization; for the restaurant industry this means digital menu boards. But while such dynamic electronics may seem costly, you don’t have to break your budget. Here are some cost-efficient ways to implement digital menu boards:

Start Basic

 You don’t need tablets behind every table, beginning with a basic, full high-dimensional digital menu bard can be a big boon for restaurants with revolving dishes, daily specials, and other updates. Digital menu boards additionally provide an easy and efficient way to adhere to recent FDA legislature requiring publicly-listed nutrient information.

Think Placement and Design 

If you do opt to start small, where you place and how you design your digital menu board is crucial. While horizontal formats work great for foyer-like locations, window displays should be set in a portrait orientation.

Budget for Content Management Software

The CMS software you choose is just as important as the actual menu board. You might consider starting with free software as you test the technology, but be aware this will mean limited features and is generally worth what you paid for it (which is nothing). Eventually you’ll want to integrate hosted software offering easier user interface, enhanced scheduling, data integration, multi-location functionality and other desirable features. Premier software providers include easy content creation tools for unique branding.

Keep it simple (at least in the beginning) 

Keep your initial screen layout simple with legible menu zones. You can later incorporate zones for video and flash animated content, but it shouldn’t overtake the basic menu. Your goal in the beginning should be to build a menu library for featured content that shows the greatest sales uplift. Remember, content is king.

Choose a good partner

 When choosing between hosted (rented) or hosted-in-house (owned) digital menu board solutions, budget for three years of services and support costs like training, creative services, and technical support. The ROI on digital menu boards is fast, less than a year, so don’t cut corners. Finding a great partner allows you to focus on what you do best: food and customer service, not tech troubles.

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