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4 Interactive Digital Signage Trends You Need to Know About

The marketing buzz today is all about interactive digital signage. Such digital displays offer previously unheard of opportunities and exciting new possibilities for connecting and engaging with potential customers and clients. The following are four key interactive digital signage trends you need to know about:

1. Data collection and analysis

The switch to interactive displays has opened the door to a great wealth of information that couldn’t be obtained before. Every interaction that occurs on interactive screens can be tracked and recorded, just like with a website. This data can be later analyzed to enhance your messaging and improve your core marketing campaign. Plus, with the ability to instantly capture an email address and contact information, there’s no longer a need for expensive printed brochures and hand-outs.

2. Merging the virtual with the physical

Customers are increasingly using their smart phones to shop and search out products and services. This has led to a growing trend with interactive digital signage to recognize repeat customers and offer suggestions based on previously inputted interests. It’s a new era of targeted advertisements that promise to revolutionize how users interact with a brand.

3. Smaller, more intimate signage

It isn’t that large video wall installations are becoming obsolete (in contrast, more and more businesses are adopting them), but rather that there’s a growing trend towards the use of smaller and more intimate displays. More businesses are adopting a multitude of tablets and individual-use touch screen technology to place throughout their store location. These smaller displays create a more intimate and engaging experience with the customer, while also facilitating the capture of customer information and collecting experience feedback.

4. Full media integration

It’s no longer enough to have one video wall monitor. One of the strongest developing trends is the move to integrate every form of digital signage available to a company with the aim of giving consumers a more all-around, immersive, and responsive experience. This means combining pictures, data, text, and music across a variety of media forms ranging from the interactive display over the cash register with the smartphone in the customer’s pocket.

Where do you get the latest in technology?

At iGotcha Media, we specialize in effective and efficient interactive digital signage and technology. If you want to learn more about implementing one or more of these emerging trends and incorporating the latest signage technology into your marketing strategy, contact us today.


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