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How to Choose the Right Combination of Digital Signage Hardware and Software

In just the last couple of years, digital signage has transformed how and where people look for content. It’s the era of new interactive displays that provide the best content at the best time to the targeted audience. But to have the most effective impact with this new medium, it takes the right combination of digital signage hardware and software.

Digital Signage Hardware

Digital signage hardware is the vehicle through which your content will be displayed. When selecting your hardware, you’ll have to consider the following four questions:

  • Do you want a cost-effective, pre-packaged solution or a potentially more expensive custom solution that may better fit your needs?
  • How many and what type of displays do you need? This includes determining your desired sizes, resolutions, and orientations.
  • Where will they be located? Are you going to need displays in an outdoor area? If so, they’ll need to be equipped to withstand inclement weather.
  • What will the total infrastructure be? This includes calculating the power and cable measurements necessary to connect various hardware devices.

Digital Signage Software

Digital signage software is how your content will be displayed. When choosing your desired software, consider the following questions:

  • Do the systems need to be interactive? For example, if you’re researching for a new digital wayfinding solution, you’re going to want a display that a guest can interact with and a software platform capable of supporting that interaction. In contrast, if you’re in need of a digital menu board to just display information, then a simple interface will do.
  • How does the software handle content creation? Once installed, content creation is the most important aspect of your digital signage system and you’ll want software that is capable of integrating old content with new. Effective systems should include multi-media tools for streaming Web content as well as accessing a variety of files (avi, swf, flv) and images (bmp, jpeg, png).
  • Is the software flexible? Scaleable? Chances are you’re not going to stay the same size forever. Choose a system capable of handling your expected needs both in the short-term and long-term.

Getting the Right Combination

The plethora of options can make it hard to nail down the best solution for your organization, which is why we recommend speaking with a professional before committing to a system. To learn more about digital signage or for help assembling your new system, contact our team at iGotcha Media.


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