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4 Options for Enhancing Your Digital Signage With Cloud Software

For marketers, the use of cloud software has revolutionized the breadth and variety with which they can display marketing messages. Nowhere is this fact more evident than in the world of digital signage. In fact, they may be the most powerful marketing tool available. Here’s why.

They allow multiple layouts – No longer must a screen contain only one image. Now a marketer can divide a screen into multiple content zones and populate them with different pieces of information – related or not. The information can be as simple as the time and weather, a live TV feed or even a live news feed – whatever you feel will attract an audience for your message on the other part of the screen.

They provide customized scheduling – Most enterprise-level cloud software provides a drag and drop menu where a media playlist can be scheduled. It is quite simple to add finished media and to reorder as you see fit. In addition, the playback of each piece can be set based on date, time of day, recurrence and even specific customers.

They can be interactive – As just mentioned, with the use of beacons, digital signage can become interactive with your customers. If the customer installs an app on his smartphone or tablet, the digital sign will recognize them and key content to their interests and past buying habits once they are within range. In addition, touch screens can also be deployed to change from scheduled media to an on-demand experience.

They gather info and generate useful reports – One of the real benefits of the cloud is that there is almost limitless storage capacity. This fact means that everything about the use of your signage can be documented, downloaded and then analyzed to further refine you marketing efforts. With just a few clicks, you can learn what media has played and where, what information has been accessed by a customer and what information some specific customers have triggered.

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