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How Montreal Retailers are Using Digital Signage Software to Stand Out

Modern digital signage has gone far beyond replacing products signs with LCD screens. Today, Montreal retailers have begun incorporating digital signage software as a core component of their marketing and brand promotion strategy. This includes both using in-store experiences to stand out and linking their billboard and online content for a more holistic experience to transform prospects and customers into enthusiastic fans of their company.

Take for instance iGotcha Media’s work with headquarter division of the athletic footwear and apparel retailer Reebok. Like other Montreal retailers, Reebok wanted to integrate digital signage solutions both in their store and out.

In Store Digital Signage Software

Reebok has outfitted their stores with two primary types of digital signage solutions: video walls and interactive kiosks. Video walls are special multi-monitor set-ups that allow Reebok and other retailers that implement them to really differentiate their message. By their nature, they’re prominent and eye-catching, allowing the retailer to showcase a new product or push a campaign to entice window shoppers into becoming buyers.

The other half of the solution, the in-store kiosks, are designed to engage and entertain customers. Reebok’s kiosks are installed with special digital signage software designed to allow customers to search the store’s inventory, customize their ideal shoe, and even finalize the purchase.

Out of Store Digital Signage Software

As most any commander will tell you, a two-prong attack always beats a single front. Reebok and other Montreal retailers have followed such an attack when integrating digital signage software into their marketing strategies. Reebok has done so with its deployment of iGotcha’s RFID-based solution at events like Canada’s major music festival of Grand Fetes Telus earlier last year.

At this and similar events, each ticket is encoded with a unique ID number that includes information about the ticket holder, such as their name, e-mail address, etc. This information is then stored on the digital signage software server. During the festival, the ticket-holder might enter special VIP areas or photo booths. Their tickets can then be used to take pictures and share them via their social media platforms, such as posing with Reebok’s newest footwear.

It doesn’t matter what goods you sell or services you offer, all retailers stand to benefit from implementing digital signage solutions into their display and marketing campaigns. Its versatility and multi-functionality makes it a powerful tool that can be sculpted to meet your needs. Contact us today.



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