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How Digital Signage Companies Are Changing the Toronto Landscape

According to a report released this fall, Toronto is the number one city for tech-savvy professionals. This is a city that embraces technology and is constantly exploring new frontiers in implementing and integrating technology into city living. Of all the major companies within the tech industry, arguably none is leading this charge more than Toronto’s digital signage companies. Here are just a few of the ways digital signage companies are changing the Toronto landscape for the better:

  • Personalized Billboards. Toronto is one of the few cities experimenting with new digital signage billboards that can adjust advertisements based on speed. For example, during the summer, digital signage billboards along Don Valley Parkway featured one of two ads. Which ad was shown on the billboard depended upon the rate of traffic flow. These new, adjustable advertising based on the audience’s movement offers real changes in the field of Toronto advertising and marketing.
  • Lobbies as Enrichment Locales. Corporate and government lobbies are no longer just a building entrance designed to funnel people in and out. Digital signage companies are introducing new ways for businesses and governmental agencies to transform lobbies into a place full of dramatic visuals and experiences. LED screens, video projectors, and other forms of multimedia allow groups to make a meaningful first impression on employees and visitors entering a business. Buildings throughout Toronto are using such digital signage to inform, engage, and entertain. Even the real estate industry is finding how valuable digital signage solutions are for promotions.
  • Enhancing Way-Finding Everywhere. While outdoor billboards and entryway digital signage are certainly big ways that digital signage companies are changing the Toronto advertising landscape, one of the more impactful changes lies in wayfinding devices. New interactive wayfinding kiosks and other devices make it easier for visitors to navigate potentially confusing landscapes, such as public transit, healthcare facilities, and university complexes. Digital wayfinding devices offer a variety of other benefits including better informed personnel, less wasted resources, and more accessible properties.

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