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The Pitfalls of Open Source Digital Signage Software

There are a dozen or more open source digital signage software solutions available on the marketplace – Mango, Concerto, Screenly and ScreenHub being the most notable. While these software packages do a credible job of allowing a marketing team to assemble a decent digital signage package, they do suffer from some pitfalls. Here is a quick rundown on the most obvious:

  • You get what you pay for – While there are many valuable free digital signage software tools available, they all do have their limitations. It often pays for a company to upgrade from the free version to the paid one. By paying a fee, your development team not only gains access to a wide variety of more powerful features but can often also avail themselves of a customer support line. In the long run, paying the few extra dollars will reap enormous dividends in terms of both functionality and increased productivity.
  • Your staff can only do so much  Freely available software can do a very credible job especially if you have a very talented software engineer on staff. However, the software package is deliberately hamstrung by its developers so that they too can make a dollar or two by selling you the upgrade. It is short-sighted to believe that your company can produce a truly professional product without paying for the entire software package.
  • Customers will notice any shortfalls – Do not fool yourself, the fact that much of the software used to make a digital signage campaign means that your customers can become quite knowledgeable about what can and cannot be accomplished. In addition, they may not have your technical ability but they will still have an aesthetic sense for what they want in a digital sign. It is simply foolish for a digital signage vendor to overlook these two facts.

For more detailed information on these and other pitfalls of open source digital signage and some useful advice on how to avoid them, please contact us at iGotcha Media. You can find us online at iGotcha or speak to a representative directly at 514.448.4016.


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