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Best Design Principles for Digital Kiosks

The design of digital kiosks is updated and refined on an almost continual basis – not just the technological aspects but also the aesthetics ones. Internet marketers would be well served to recognize this fact when developing their newest installations. With those thoughts in mind, here are a few suggestions to help you get the most out of your newest kiosks:

  • Improved footprint – In addition to slimmer cases that can be fit into almost any space, the latest digital kiosks often include dual-sided monitors which double their visibility and utility. In most cases, two visitors can independently use each side thus doubling the workload of the kiosk unit while occupying the same amount of space.
  • Added interactivity – The latest generation of kiosks do not just “push” information at passers-by but actively try to engage them interactively and subsequently collect some pertinent information from them. The result is an enhanced user experience that benefits both the visitor to the display and the marketer that supplies it.
  • Visual emphasis – As the old adage goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and for digital signage, the advice is no exception. While the bulk of your message will be delivered with words, the right picture will draw in more visitors. The right visual is especially helpful if the display is in a crowded environment – such as a mall or airport – vying with multiple other signs for attention.

Navigating the digital kiosk landscape can be a complicated and expensive process without expert guidance. Still, it need not be a completely daunting task. For further information on developing and implementing the best design principles for digital kiosks, please contact us at iGotcha Media. Find us online at iGotcha or reach a representative directly at 514.448.4016.


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