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What Does Retail Signage Have to Do with Equality?

The world has changed a lot in recent years. Actions and phrases that used to be completely common have become taboo. Thoughts that were once so normal have now become outdated and politically incorrect. Much of this evolution in thinking is for the best; people are becoming more open-minded, seeing humans as actual people, rather than individual roles put on them by Mother Nature.

These changes aren’t lost on the retail signage industry. In fact, retail signage has played a major part in the ways companies are branding their businesses and changing their marketing motives.

The Move Away from Gender-Based Signage

A few years ago, the national retail giant Target made headlines when it began to phase out gender-based signage in areas such as the toy and bedding departments in favor of a more neutral aesthetics that would be more welcoming to shoppers.

This way of thinking revolutionized the way retailers approach their communication methods to the general public. As pink and blue were eliminated in favor of tones that aren’t traditionally associated with a specific gender, people responded positively. Aisles that were once touted as “boys’ toys” and “girls’ bedding” became “toys” and “bedding”, ushering in a new sense of equality that was based on shoppers’ preferences, rather than the roles society expects them to play.

Of course, all change comes with some amount of discord, and not all shoppers were happy about the change, but this is a sign of the times that’s being welcomed by many.

Dismantling Problems with Signage for the Disabled

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all businesses to have ADA-compliant wayfinding signage. Canada has followed suit with several similar laws, and even where there aren’t specific laws that govern particular situations, companies are following best practices to ensure all of their employees and patrons are playing on a level field.

The goals of the regulating institutions involve incorporating standard symbols and signs at restrooms and exits, offering brail on retail signage when the signs are accessible to consumers, and ensuring all necessary retail signage can be seen from several vantage points, including those by persons in wheelchairs who may otherwise have obstructed views.

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