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Toronto Airport’s Leaf Curved Panels: Say Goodbye to Rectangle Signage

Without a doubt, Toronto is a cultural hub for the province of Ontario in particular and for greater Canada in general. For this reason, Toronto’s Pearson Airport serves as the area’s major national and international airline hub. As such, it handles almost 50 million passengers per year making it the second busiest airport in the Americas.

That fact alone creates a tremendous marketing opportunity for all sorts of retailers – Canadian and American – and service industry companies. What makes the Pearson Airport situation unique, however, is its use of “leaf curved panels” to market a variety of their goods and services to the diverse group of individuals who pass their way. Here are just a few of the more notable reasons why:


All of the leaf curved panels installed at Pearson are designed to create an interesting and inviting atmosphere for the visitors to the airport – but one without the traditional element of square signs. Instead, these aesthetically pleasing signs utilize a more nature-centric shape that follows the shape of plants, insects and animals. It is a truly engaging view if one takes the time to appreciate it and one that can take away a little of the pain of waiting while at the airport.


The specific “leaf curved” sign designs incorporated into the décor of this international airport are not only architecturally interesting but also include a number of lighting effects that trigger other visual effects for visitors- ones who stop for a moment and for others that just pass by. The signs can be controlled via voice controls or a standard app to set such things as colors, audio and time triggers. In this case, as Marshall McLuhan noted, the medium truly is the message.


Leaf curved signs are notable in themselves but they also offer an additional opportunity to marketers through the use of interactive tools. Visitors to a leaf curved sign can actually input data to obtain For detailed information about a product or service or leave their information to gain further information once they get home. It is a small thing but one that reaps huge rewards in terms of customer retention.

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