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You Only Have This “Few Seconds” to Capture Your Audience

At this point in time, digital marketing professionals consider it almost axiomatic that the latest generation of retail customers have an ever increasing fascination with technology and an ever shortening attention span. In fact, they understand that they really only have a “few seconds” to garner the attention of a potential visitor before they wander off to some other source of information or entertainment. For this reason alone, they craft the design and content of their digital signs to have the highest immediate impact on every passer-by. Here are some of the ways that they accomplish this goal:

They add audio and video to first grab attention

The first two things that most potential visitors notice about current digital signage are the visual and audio effects of the display. Served by broadband channels, the images and sound are essentially seamless in their overarching effect. Additionally, the digital display hardware can be configured to rotate through 360 degrees allowing almost everyone in the marketing space to be exposed to the advertising message. Lastly, the ease and versatility of updating digital signage content means that it can deliver on-demand messages to specific demographics depending on the day of the week and the hour of the day.

Then they customize the message

The interactivity of digital signage is one of its key benefits. If a visitor engages with the sign by inputting pertinent information, the sign can then run an algorithm that customizes the next set of messages specifically towards them. In addition, any customers that sign up their mobile device with your company can also see customized “pushed” messages at any further signs they meet in the network. It quickly becomes a truly powerful tool for consistently engaging customers.

Finally, they utilize mobile apps as a reminder

The old maxim, “You are only as good as your last performance” is as true now as it was in the days of vaudeville. Allowing a customer to forget their interaction with your company is a cardinal sin. Instead, it is necessary to gather contact information from them as well as to encourage them to download your app. Utilizing both of these sales channels, you will be able to keep up a running dialogue with the client through their connected device and most likely close the sale.

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