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Digital Signage Applications in the Fitness Industry

Without a doubt, the fitness industry is one that is almost continually evolving. In fact, at any point in time, there are always new ideas and technologies being developed that are intended to most efficiently keep people healthy and fit. Digital signage plays an integral role in this developmental process. Here are just a few examples how it can be used to facilitate the process:

Entertainment videos and ads

Many fitness enthusiasts like to be entertained, to some degree, while working out. For most folks, this means the use of headphones and an audio playlist. The best fitness clubs, however, have improved this aspect of their facility by installing video signage that combines video and audio. More importantly, the videos and any accompanying ads can be customized to the fitness space. So, for instance, instead of seeing an ad for a fast food meal, they will instead view an inspirational workout message combined with an advertisement for healthy foods or workout clothes.


Over the past few years, marketers in almost every industry have fallen in love with the idea of gamficiation. Creating a competitive atmosphere is a surefire way to increase visitor participation and to increase brand loyalty. Fitness facilities can accomplish this goal in a number of ways. In particular, they can install digital signage that tracks the equipment use of each visitor and display a leaderboard based on suitable metrics. Additionally, individual or head-to-head competitions can be installed and used to bring excitement to any exercise routine.

Wayfinding and safety info

A large fitness facility can be confusing for the first time visitor. A digital signage kiosk located near the entrance can guide them to the desired equipment with either a map or a wayfinding app. In addition, there are innumerable ways that a visitor to a fitness center can hurt themselves – from simply walking into a machine to overtaxing their muscles – so safety is always a prime concern. Digital signage can be used to warn visitors to the facility about how to properly use the equipment for maximum safety and effectiveness.

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