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7 Deadlys Sins of Digital Signage Messaging

Over the past decade, marketers in a wide variety of industries have ever-increasingly turned to digital signage to get their promotional messages out to their customers. Digital signs deliver a host of benefits that we will not concern ourselves with in this article today. Instead, we will try to enlighten you as to some of the worst sins committed when implementing a digital sign campaign. Here are seven of the most egregious:

Ignoring strategy

Anyone can post a blog here or place an ad there but it takes real effort to coordinate all of these types of efforts in a coherent strategy. In addition, devising one that benefits every aspect of your business is essential.

Creating a bad initial layout

The essence of a superior digital kiosk – menu board, outdoor sign or otherwise – is an eye-pleasing display that is extremely easy to navigate. To accomplish this goal, marketers will first concentrate on the layout instead of the design aspects.

Only using a static words and graphics

Digital signs are specifically designed to be eye-catching, right? So, why diminish this capacity by only using static images? Instead, scrolling images and actual video provides a much more immersive experience for the visitor to a digital menu board. For added pizzazz, add music and other audio.

Delivering outdated content

Digital menu boards are powerful attracters if you provide up-to-the-minute info such as time, weather and traffic. You can then also deliver relevant – and timely – information regarding your latest products and services.

Having a non-interactive interface

One of the true benefits of digital menu boards is their ability to capture information from visitors as well as to dispense it. It is an absolute ROI “crime” to ignore this valuable feature.

Only utilizing local updating

Why “recreate the wheel” for every unit in your digital signage system? Instead, delegate the task to yourself or a subordinate to change all of the digital signage at the same time from a single remote location. Your customers will appreciate the consistency and your managers will like the lessened work load.

Forgetting the call to action

You have captured the attention of a passerby and interested them in your offering. Why would you not next ask them for contact information. Get them to provide an email address or phone number. Doing so is a win-win situation for both your company and the potential customer.

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