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Easy Apps, Software and Programs to Help You Put Up Your First Digital Signage Slide

Easy Apps, Software and Programs to Help You Put Up Your First Digital Signage Slide

As builders of commercial signs in the Toronto area, we understand marketing professionals know the message that they want to present to their viewers. However, they may not be so sure about how to translate these ideas into a visual slide display for the viewers to see. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of applications or programs to help in this process. Here are five of them:


To get you started in your digital signage campaign, this free app includes 25 professional looking templates. You can find countless more by using the app to access such cloud sources as Adobe Creative Cloud and Dropbox. The interface is quite intuitive and allows the user to easily add such flourishes as links and a variety of page transitions.

Google Slides

Of course, the giant elephant in the room, Google, provides an easy-to-use and flexible app for addressing this task. This slide management tool allows even the most inexperienced user to link with Google Docs and then easily create, edit, and share presentations. Although the final result is fairly pedestrian in design, the presentations do get the message across.

Slide Shark

Originally intended to facilitate the creation of as a sales presentations, Slide Shark is the tool of choice for professionals. It is a little pricey at around $100 per month but it offers a host of worthwhile features to the expert. In addition, the app can be attached and programmed to monitor how long a viewer watches your presentation


In our opinion, the dynamic nature of Prezi makes it a far superior tool for creating digital signs as opposed to the static nature of Powerpoint presentations. This app allows for an innovative approach to digital slide presentations that can include everything from moving text through animated graphics to imagery presented in a nonlinear way.


This downloadable, open source, digital signage software offers some tantalizing prospects for the user who can put in a little time and effort to learn the “ins and outs” of the app. Admittedly, this software package is not for the novice but it offers some spectacular features for the pro. Not only can a user run independent multi-screens but also draw info from a database to create customized info for the viewer.

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