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Do’s and Don’ts of Integrating Social Media in Digital Signage

The Do’s and Don’ts of Integrating Social Media in Digital Signage

The ability of social media to make or break a marketing strategy is indisputable. For this reason, any digital signage solution that hopes to be successful must integrate a social media plan into its design. Here are some “Dos and Dont’s” to help get you started in this regard:

DO: Encourage Interactivity

It is simply not possible to overestimate the impact that a personalized text or photo displayed on a digital sign has on the person doing the posting. Not only is the poster more passionately engaged – for a longer period of time – but so are other passers-by who can then engage with both the original poster and the digital signage.

DO NOT: Allow It To Go Un-Moderated

No matter how well-meaning your digital signage campaign is, some reprobate will aim to spoil it with profanity, pornography or some other corrupting message. It takes time and focus to do this moderating – even when some of it can be automated – but is well worth the effort to avoid any potential fiascoes that may come your way.

DO: Consider Your Target Audience

Each social media platform has its devotees. Facebook easily reaches the widest audience but Twitter’s demographic is wealthier and better educated. Consider these factors as well as those associated with all the other social platforms before loading up your digital signage solution with every social media widget available.

DO NOT: Let the “Social” Overpower the Real Message

The design elements of your digital signage displays will vary depending on how you are going to use them functionally. Still, the main message should always predominate and not get cluttered by the injudicious use of too much social media feeds. In other words, keep it simple, keep it direct and keep it focused on the main matter at hand.

DO: Create A Sense of Urgency

The final goal of any digital signage solution sold be to connect with the customer even after they have left the display. For this reason, your social media plugs should aim to have them download a marketing piece, upload some contact info or take advantage of a sales offering – that is, keep them connected both on- and off-line.

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