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Benefits of Digital Over Static Exterior Signs

Benefits of Digital Over Static Exterior Signs

For generating retail foot traffic, nothing outdoes exterior signage in all its various forms. Still, not all exterior signage is created equal in terms of functionality nor return on investment. In fact, exterior digital signage, if implemented and used properly, offer a number of significant benefits over static exterior signs. Here are just a few of the more notable ones:

They Are More Eye-Catching

The human eye reacts more strongly to movement than to a still image. It is this factor that forms the core difference between digital and static exterior signs. Flashing lights, moving segues and video – as well as audio – all combine to provide “eye candy” for the passers-by. The result is a display that lures more viewers to look at it than a traditional static sign.

They Are More Engaging

Exterior digital signage has the added benefit of being able to communicate with the viewer. This two-way interaction means that the sign can not only deliver or “push” information to the viewer but also gather or “pull” info as well. Digital signs can also “think” on the fly and customize their message to the viewer based on the viewer’s input.

They Are Eminently More Flexible

Changing a static exterior sign entails a great deal of physical work – not just by your design staff but also by your outside vendors. On the other hand, once the design work is completed, a digital sign can be changed with a few clicks. In addition, minor changes can be incorporated based on the area where the sign is being displayed or at what time of day.

They Are More Affordable

Traditional static signage is certainly more affordable in the short term but – for the reasons listed above – digital signage can easily recoup the added initial cost of the sign within a single advertising campaign if changes need to be made. In short, the ease-of-change of a digital sign means that a lot more experimenting can be done until a satisfactory result is achieved.

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