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What is the Relationship Between Wayfinding and Digital Signage?

What is the Relationship Between Wayfinding and Digital Signage?

In the past, the administrators of a large facility – a university campus, a hospital complex or a retail mall, for example – would spend a significant amount of time, energy and money placing a tremendous number of physical signs throughout their facility. The goal was to simply get the visitors to the overall site to their ultimate destination as easily and quickly as possible. Unfortunately, traditional static signs did not always do the job as well as one would hope.

What is Wayfinding?

These days, interactive wayfinding technology offers a significantly better alternative. By simply downloading an easily available app and then visiting a digital sign upon arriving at the site, visitors will be directed to their final destination within the facility. No more searching for a particular office or a particular store and… no more getting lost! In short, this tech operates much like the GPS apps used in the outside world but is limited to a particular campus or complex.

Why is it Valuable?

Interactive wayfinding technology is doubly valuable – for both the visitor and the facility. It offers users an easy-to-use way to find where they are going and provides administrators the power to communicate with them as they travel through the site. For instance, mall operators can “push” discount specials for their vendors, hospital complexes can provide the wait time at a particular doctor’s office and universities can advise students as to any special events that may be happening

The Takeaway

Interactive wayfinding technology is one of the most value-added items that you can include in a digital signage display. It provides incredible functionality and usability for both your customers and your staff. Simply put, it is a win-win situation for all involved.

In addition, over the long term, interactive wayfinding technology combined with digital signage offers a better ROI than traditional signage. Generic signage can still be placed but much of the more detailed items can be handled by wayfinding.

Finally, this tech can be immensely helpful in ensuring the safety and security of your customers in an emergency situation. Information can be delivered in a very timely manner and does not depend on the visitor making it to a particular spot to obtain it.

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