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How Smart Cities Use Digital Signage to Change the World Around Us

How Smart Cities Use Digital Signage to Change the World Around Us

Despite a storied history of more than five centuries, the city of Montreal is still recognized as one of the most progressive of cities in terms of its use of technology. One of the most obvious examples of this progressiveness is its use of digital signage to encourage both residents and tourists alike to avail themselves of all that the city has to offer. As they say in French,”Voici comment ils le font à Montréal:”

Molson Bell Centre

This sports-oriented venue also hosts to a wide variety of other events – musical, artistic and business oriented. The ground-level concourse that surrounds the building is home to over 100 state-of-the-art digital signage displays. Viewers are treated to instant replays, highlights, and informational trivia as well as display ads.

Société de Transport de Montréal

Known to most English speakers as a “subway”, the municipal train transit system of Montreal is a wonder to behold. Each station and the trains that pass through them are clean, safe and – almost! – always on time. Still, the factor that sets this intercity train system apart from those of other major cities is its use of digital signage,. The systems has just begun to use voice recognition as well as simple hand gestures to communicate with travelers.

Phi Centre Art Gallery

Passivity has never been a strong point of the people in Montreal. Instead, they choose to take a more active role in all of their activities, including those that revolve around the arts. Visitors to the Phi Centre Art Gallery will experience this to the maximum. Visitors can lay in Whitney Houston’s actual coffin – no, not really! – or enjoy being virtually inserted into the music video of a noted indie-pop artist. In either case, the experience is indelibly unique.

Le Grande Bibliotheque (BAnQ)

A masterpiece of style and substance, the BanQ is the most visited public library in North America. Its thorough grasp of digital signage and its associated technology lends this historic institution an air of modernity that cannot be denied., To put it simply, the museum’s curators have firmly embraced the technology of digital signage to guide visitors through out their extensive collection of books, manuscripts and other multi-media materials.

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