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How to Remotely Control Digital Signage?

How to Remotely Control Digital Signage?

Thanks to the great advancements made in digital signage technologies, these types of signs and systems can be found throughout the country — from lighting up downtown buildings to illuminating the menu board at your favourite restaurant. Digital signage is everywhere in public places to private offices, so if you’re thinking of adding in a digital solution to your organization, then now has never been a better time. This is especially true as technologies like cloud-based content management systems make it easy to remotely control digital signage via any device with an Internet connection.

The Ease of Remotely Controlling Digital Signage

Thanks to remote content management systems, owners of digital signage solutions enjoy the ability monitor, maintain, schedule, and publish their engaging multimedia campaigns from any location. For most of these remote solutions, all an authorized person needs to do is download and install the server-based remote management console of their choice to their PC, laptop, or mobile device. Depending upon the remote management console you choose, you may pay as part of a hosted cloud solution or via an annual subscription basis. Once a payment plan is chosen, the remote management system can be installed on a variety of authorized devices.

Upon installment, authorized personnel will only need to log-in to view and manage the different digital signage displays they have as part of the connected package. This offers a number of advantages including the ability to optimize content based on the time of day and alert viewers to local events or time-sensitive advertisements.

Most of these systems also include specialty monitoring systems that are analyzing the network around the clock and are primed to immediately send network owners and operators a notification should it detect a problem or something amiss. Such swift notification greatly reduces the risk of operational failures and helps ensure that all campaigns are operating smoothly and as desired, for effective and efficient use of an organization’s advertising budget.

Learn More About the Different Remote Control Options for Digital Signage

For more information about the different remote control management and remote monitoring systems available for your digital signage network, contact our team at iGotcha Media. Our experienced technicians and IT gurus are equipped to answer all of your questions about digital media, help you choose the right equipment for your needs, and assist you in the complete deployment of your digital signage solutions so that you can enjoy the best today’s technologies has to offer!


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