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4 Ways Digital Signage Kiosks Will Change the Transportation Industry

The business environment is undergoing a tremendous transformation. Different technologies, including digital signage, are doing a rather impressive job of increasing the sales made by businesses in various fields. Talking of digital signage kiosks, you have probably interacted with them at your bank or your favorite burger spot. It is worth noting that this technology has also infiltrated the transport industry, and it is expected to bring tremendous changes.

Here are some interesting ways interactive kiosks are changing the transportation industry:

1. Self Check-In Kiosks at Airports and Railway Stations

Traditional boards for getting updates on flight schedules are being phased out. Airlines are embracing the idea of providing a pleasing experience for their customers. More airlines continue to use digital displays and interactive kiosks to help travelers gain access to information about their flight schedules, updates on delayed flights, and so on.

Digital signage kiosks are doing a great job in managing the traffic at the terminals and it is only expected to get better. This is owed to the fact that they offer a wide array of services. That includes; credit and debit card transactions, access to customer support and printing of tickets to mention a few. The interactive kiosks have significantly improved the flexibility in operations, especially when the demand is high.

2. Interactive Wayfinding

Stand-up signs and banners are not so effective in helping travelers find their way around airport and railway terminals. Interactive wayfinding displays and kiosks are. Most people get through the doors of the airports, not knowing where they are supposed to be. The most frustrating part is that travelers end up being late for their transport as they fight to find their way. Digital signage kiosks are doing an active job of directing customers to different locations at the terminals. This has resulted in a smooth flow of operations in the transport industry.

3. Advertising

Interactive wayfinding signage has presented businesses in airports and railway terminals the opportunity to create brand awareness. When the kiosks are not being used by travelers to plan trips or viewing departure times, the screens could be used for displaying advertisementsAs a result, transport companies have been able to influence travelers’ purchasing behavior, and at the same time, the customers get access to all the information they need about their trip conveniently.

4. Security Alerts

There is no better way to pass information about security at the airports, bus stops, or railway terminals than through interactive kiosks. They provide a very effective means to pass urgent information. It would, therefore, be correct to say that digital signage has significantly improved safety in the transport sector.

Digital signage will be the game changer in the transport industry. For more information on the potential used for digital signage kiosks in the transport sector, visit iGotcha Media.


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