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3 Surprising Industries That Benefit from Turnkey Digital Signage

Gone are the days of using a simple text to screen video. Digital signage is overtaking in almost all industries. It combines the use of high definition video and images, newsfeeds and interactive display technology. Through the use of digital displays, a message or an idea can be transmitted in a more entertaining and informative way. Here are 3 surprising industries that benefit from turnkey digital signage:

1. Health Care

The health care industry is a place with endless possibilities of communication and collaboration; Think of all the administrative messages to staff, new medical technological reviews, patient information, doctor consultations, and medical advancements. Turnkey digital signage has made it an easy way of disseminating all this information. It is now possible to communicate easily in patient care areas by having patient information screens, room signs and central desks. Digital signage solutions simplify and refine the process of exchanging patient information including medicines to be received, and dietary restrictions. Other activities that can be displayed in the health care screens include family visiting hours, meal times and planned surgeries. This helps in sustaining a smooth flow of information in the health care industry. Rather than having to review tons of documents, doctors and nurses can have patients’ information within a matter of seconds. This way, turnkey digital signage helps in quickening the treatment process and in a way, can save lives.

2. Education

Education institutions can also benefit from turnkey digital signage. With the increasing density of population, schools require an up-to-date solution to communicate information effectively. Large screens digital signage can be placed near entrances of classrooms, auditoriums, and theaters, as they are very effective in reaching large audiences. They help everybody in the school right from the students, teachers, workers, coaches and visitors. They can be used to provide information regarding school trips, changes in schedules, workshops, emergencies and even provide interactive maps to easily navigate the campus. This will help everyone in the school to stay informed.

3. Transport Industry

Today, we are living in an increasingly connected world. Cities are now adapting to the power of seamless connectivity and information exchange. The transport sector is also a beneficiary of turnkey digital signage, by way of wayfinding kiosks that provide useful information to both locals and visitors. Through the wayfinding solutions, individuals can find more direct routes from point A to point B. This helps them to navigate easily. Digital screens also allow passengers to get more holistic information regarding any security alerts, timetable, weather, and any possible delays. Through this, the transportation sector is now able to provide better services through timely and informative digital networks.

The potential of modern display hardware is unlimited. Regardless of the industry you are in, turnkey digital signage can benefit your business. For any assistance and guidance in selecting turnkey digital signage solutions and software, contact iGotcha Media for their expertise.


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