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Personalize Customer Experiences Using Retail Digital Signage

Personalize Customer Experience Using Retail Digital Signage

With the number of retailers increasing by the day, you can only expect competition to also be on the rise. The best way to grab the attention of the customer is by giving them an exceptional experience. Initially, retail stores heavily relied on customer service agents, but today things are changing. The world is digitally inclined, and retailers have also decided to make use of digital solutions to gain a competitive advantage.

Digital signage has become the best way for retailers to engage their customers. If used well, interactive digital signage could be the reason behind the success of a retailer. Here are 4 innovative ways to create a personalized customer experience using digital signage.

Tailor Your Content for Your Target Audience

Familiarizing yourself with the demographics of the people who come into your store daily is the first step towards providing your customers with the best experience. Retail stores have different types of customers. You should, therefore, have data on the customers that come at a specific time and learn about their preferences and purchase behavior to be able to create content they can identify with.

A powerful content management system makes it easy for business to edit the information presented on their digital screens. Businesses are empowered and are able to display information that their targeted audience is interested in. For instance, companies can schedule the content on their digital display screens to reflect the time of the day, or weather. Businessowners can even promote specialized sales items on the screen to drive sales, all while ensuring that clients are informed and satisfied. 

Display Expert Advice and Reviews on Digital Displays

Did you know that you could use digital signage to display real-time recommendations and expert advice?

The needs of your customers are different. They will, therefore, need answers to their specific questions and generic responses don’t respond to their unique inquiries. Integrating a search-enabled application to an interactive digital signage display will provide clients with all the information they require. These interactive digital signage solutions will help customers start chats with customer support. find your brand on social media platforms and get them the help they need in an efficient and timely manner.

RFID-Enabled Kiosks

There is another interesting approach that a business could take when it comes to using interactive digital signage kiosks. RFID-enabled items, when combined with digital signage, can create an unforgettable digital experience for customers. When the RFID-enabled items are placed on the kiosk, the  digital screen will display the specs of the item. That way, it will be even easier for customers to make informed purchasing decisions. iGotcha has helped Reebok employ this strategy and it has elevated their retail solutions immensely. 

Interactive Kiosks

You have probably seen how instrumental interactive digital signage kiosks have been at airports and banks. Businessowners can implement similar solutions in their retail stores to improve the flow of clients and information distribution to create memorable retail experiences. 

Additionally, having a digital display screen will significantly improve service and physical engagements as they can act as salespersons. Customers can navigate through the inventory, pass orders, and receive products brought to them, all without the help of staff. 

Make Your Digital Signage Interaction Memorable

Customers will always remember your brand if you provide them with a personalized retail experience. Do your research, and, know what impresses them most. Creativity will go a long way in providing them with an out of this world experience. Think outside of the box and use digital signage to make your store unlike any other! Digital signage and VR can help clients virtually try on different clothes or even shop products in a unique fashion

There are endless ways that you could use digital signage to get to the heart of your customers. For more information on how you can make this happen, contact iGotcha Media.


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