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How to Measure the Success of Your Video Wall

The use of digital signage has increased in popularity, as it can bring immense value to a business. When implemented properly, digital signage provides consumers with valuable and memorable information in an interactive way.

A video wall is a marketing tool that engages large audiences and delivers relevant images to customers. Since it is quite costly, you need to know whether your digital signage is effective or not.  So, how can you measure the success of your video wall?

Measuring the success of your video wall solely depends on your objectives. Having measurable goals before the implementation of digital signage will lead to more accurate ROI. If your goal is to improve sales, then the first way to measure the success of your video wall is by;

Calculating Your Return On Investment (ROI)

This is simply calculating how profitable the digital signage investment you made is. The best way to calculate the ROI of your video wall accurately is by comparing your sales data before you installed your digital signage to your sales after installation.

If you have a retail shop located in multiple places, you can install digital signage in half of your shops. Consider comparing areas with similar traffic and yearly profit to make sure that the external factors that are variable will not interfere with your test. The other half of your shops will go without digital signage.

Track your sales data in both scenarios for a period of one year. By comparing the results, you will be in a position to measure the success of your digital signage. For small businesses, to measure the value and ROI, compare your sales in a month with digital signage and a month without.

Know Your Return On Objectives (ROO)

If your company’s digital signage objectives are focused on other business aspects, rather than boosting sales, then you need to determine your ROO.

ROO entails setting up a goal and measuring your success against it. Some objectives are not measurable in monetary terms. These include objectives like customer experience, customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and freeing up employee time.  Measuring ROO is not like measuring ROI where you can simply compare sales figures. It involves more work. However, these results enable businesses to significantly improve marketing methods.

Ask for Feedback

One of the direct ways of measuring the success of your digital signage is by asking for direct feedback from the customers. Depending on the number of satisfied customers, and how helpful your digital signage is, you can measure its success. By asking for feedback, you will find out what works and what doesn’t. This will help you measure the overall effectiveness of your digital signage.

Use a Measurable Call to Action

The content you display on your digital signage should have a measurable call-to-action. This is simply asking the viewer to do something. This may be visiting a URL for more information, a coupon code to redeem on your site or something to download. Using a CTA, you can estimate the efficacy of your digital signage based on the number of people who will take action.

Digital signage greatly impacts your business in a number of ways. It increases sales, reduces expenses and increases returning customers. The fact that the success of your video wall is measurable makes it even more reliable. For more information about guidance when selecting the best digital signage for your brand and measuring its success, contact our expert team at iGotcha Media.


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