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Increase your Transit Company’s Revenue While Improving Service Using Interactive Digital Signage

Increase your Transit Company’s Revenue While Improving Service Using Interactive Digital Signage

When trying to implement digital signage solutions, be it by adding video walls in a retail store or interactive kiosks in a transit system, the main concern of any business-owner is cost. While the implementation of interactive digital signage may be expensive at a first glance, the return on investment, when used strategically, is proven to increase your company’s revenue.

Discover how interactive digital signage can not only improve your transit company’s service, but also increase your revenue.

Improve Service

The obvious advantage of interactive digital signage in the transportation industry is the way that it streamlines your company’s services. Interactive wayfinding allows commuters to seamlessly map out the best possible route and have access to real-time wait times and schedules. Rather than fish for information, everything is now accessible at the touch of a finger.

Improvements in service boost the public’s vision of the reliability of transit systems and in turn increase the number of commuters. An investment in interactive digital signage is one that will help your network remain current and make it accessible to a larger pool of people, which contributes to increased ridership and profit.

Increase Revenue

Digital signage is a versatile tool that enables businesses to deploy content on digital screens. Strategic content plans allow space for advertisement placements, which become a highly lucrative revenue stream for companies. Transit companies have such a large audience of viewers who span across a wide demographic and geographic region. For these reasons, these ad spaces are incredibly valuable to any company or agency.

Advertisements can appear as banners, or fill the screens of interactive wayfinding kiosks when not in use. While static signs permit transit companies to advertise for a limited group of clients, interactive digital signage allows for a steady rotation of a large group of advertisements which can be strategically placed based on the time and day.

An audience measurement camera can be integrated into an interactive digital signage solution providing transit companies with valuable information about the demographics of their audience, as well as the rate at which users engage. This detailed information only makes these ad spaces a more appealing investment to agencies.

iGotcha Media has worked with leaders in the transportation industry like VIA Rail and Translink. Our interactive digital signage solutions prioritize security and reliability, making our company the obvious choice for your transitneeds. Contact our expert team for more information about interactive digital signage and wayfinding integrations into your transit network.


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