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Interactive Wayfinding Transforms Transit Systems into Impactful Information Networks

Digital signage continues to infiltrate and revolutionize a variety of business sectors. Take the transportation sector, for example, interactive wayfinding solutions have increasingly been integrated in transit systems and have proven to streamline services in a way that is much more effective than static signs, brochures and maps.

Here are the ways interactive wayfinding has transformed the transit system into an impactful network of information:

   1.    Connecting Riders with Various Networks of Public Transit

Interactive wayfinding has facilitated the way commuters navigate through transit networks. Riders need a system which helps them connect different transport methods and providers for a better experience. Customers can find information on the best routes across multiple channels using interactive digital signage. Wayfinding systems simplify the way commuters’ transition between buses, trains and subways and enable them to find the most efficient route with ease.

    2.    Better Marketing Channel for Transport Providers

Marketing and advertising have been featured in transport networks mainly in the form of static signs. Digital signage has made it even easier for riders to connect with brands they love through the use of out-of-home ads and data-driven content. Interactive digital signage can double as a powerful advertising tool by displaying location-based messaging in stations which can be altered to reflect the time of day and weather. These ads reflect what clients really want to see, boost the success of the campaigns and the engagement of commuters.

3.      Riders are Using Interactive Kiosks to Find their Way

Commuting can be tricky, especially for infrequent travellers who often encounter issues trying to establish the right direction to take. The lack of clear information networks results in stress, frustration, and worst of all missed connections, causing riders to want avoid transit systems altogether. Interactive wayfinding kiosks has made things easier for travellers by providing them with the personalized information based on where they are going. Riders can now easily map out their route, be informed on wait times or delays and have an accurate ETA. Interactive digital signage makes commuting an intuitive operation and provides a memorable transit experience.

4.     Providing Information that Helps Riders Board More Efficiently

Traffic is a common phenomenon at transit stations which have often led to uneven delays and confusion. While a crowd may be waiting on a particular car to board, another one may be standing with free space. Digital wayfinding has brought a balance to public transit and improved the flow of commuters. Interactive kiosks provide individual riders with information about their transit methods, such as anticipated delays, but also information and alerts on the fullness of cars and trains.

The diversity of use, intuitive operation and interactive aspects of digital wayfinding kiosks have revolutionized the transit system. For more information on how digital signage can improve communication in your network, click here.


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