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Simplify Navigation Throughout Your Transit System with Interactive Wayfinding

By now, everyone has come across one form or another of wayfinding information. It starts from the moment you leave your home. You may come across it at a shopping mall, at the office and so on. Wayfinding tools have, for a long time, been used to make public spaces easier for people to understand.

Wayfinding has taken a digital turn and have proven to be very instrumental, especially in transit systems.

How Does Digital Signage Make It Easier to Navigate Transit Systems?

It is not uncommon for people to crowd train stations, subways, airports, and other transportation hubs. With that, there has been a need for a form of communication that gets to the masses effectively and in real-time, to help travelers navigate through the systems. The following are the ways through which digital signage has come to the rescue.


People traveling for the first time are likely to get lost trying to figure out the direction they are supposed to take. What are the implications? For one, the riders get frustrated and in the worst case scenario end up missing their buses, trains, or flights.

Digital signage tools such as interactive wayfinding kiosks make it easy for travelers to navigate through the airports and subways. Passengers can get personalized information on the individual directions they intend to take. Transit network technologies applied in digital signage have advanced such that wayfinding terminals can provide riders with a map of the transit network. The best part is that smart technologies use the passengers’ current orientation to provide them directions and several options to get them to their destination.

Helping Customers and Riders Connect with Local Businesses

Transit networks are often filled with an abundance of tourists eager to explore a new city, however their limited knowledge of the area often poses limitations. Srategically positioned interactive wayfinding kiosks help tourists easily locate ATMs, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and other amenities in a new city. Digital signage is used to provide tourists with relevant and fun information and drives an abundance of clients to local businesses.

Keeping in Touch with Time

Digital signage has eliminated the challenge of riders trying to balance between managing the traffic and being on time. Interactive wayfinding terminals have helped travelers stay updated on arrival and departure time, cancellations, stoppages, and delays. This has gone a long way in helping passengers stay on schedule and create alternative plans if need be.

Digital signage has allowed transit networks to take advantage of digital technology to make the experience of travelers better. For more information on how you can integrate digital signage in your transit network, click here.


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