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Don’t Delay! Implement Interactive Wayfinding in your Transit System for Timely Service

Don’t Delay! Implement Interactive Wayfinding in your Transit System for Timely Service

The growing use of digital signage in the transportation industry has played a significant role in improving the experience of travelers using public transit. Read on to discover how digital signage applications and integrations of  interactive wayfinding have completely revolutionized the transit experience for commuters.

How Do Interactive Wayfinding and Digital Signage Contribute to Timely Service in Transit Systems?

Displaying Wait Times

Passengers often get frustrated after queuing, for what can be considered too long, for their turn to board a bus or purchase a transit ticket. Digital signage enables travelers to get detailed information pertaining to their transport. Individual wait times allow them to get to know the exact time that their turn will be, hence, avoiding unnecessary queues brought about by customers not knowing where they need to be.

Helps Users Find Alternate Routes When Their Bus/Train is Cancelled

At times, travelers continue to wait even after their buses or trains have been canceled. This leads to a lot of time being wasted, and as a result, the travelers do not make it to where they need to be in the appropriate time.

Thanks to digital signage and interactive wayfinding, such problems have been alleviated. How? In case of cancellation, the transport network can be updated in real-time to reach travelers through digital displays and inform them of the changes.

In the process, riders can be informed on how to access the next available bus or train, in order to set the appropriate expectations and significantly improve timeliness.

Advise Passengers of Routes with Less Traffic

Traffic can be inconveniencing as it leads to delays. Most people have been victims of not getting to work on time due to traffic, however things have changed for the better in transit systems to avoid such issues.

Digital signage displays have made it possible to share all kinds of information with travelers through display screens and interactive kiosks. This includes information on traffic, which enables passengers to choose routes with less traffic to get to their destination on time.

Digital signage and interactive wayfinding have ensured that there is a free flow of information in transit systems which has, in turn, enhanced coordination. For more information on how digital signage can impact your transportation system, contact iGotcha Media.


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