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A Virtual Travel Guide: Promote Local Business with Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive digital signage is a smart marketing tool that helps your company reach and entice potential prospects. Wayfinding kiosks create a virtual travel guide by displaying interactive digital maps that guide tourists to their anticipated destinations.

Here’s how digital signage enables tourists to discover your business:

Valuable Company Information

The use of interactive digital signage and wayfinding maps creates a powerful network of information for tourists.  It enables visitors to easily locate nearby businesses, such as hotels, attractions, hospitals, and shopping malls. Strategic positioning of touchscreen displays in popular public spaces, airports and transit stations enables these digital kiosks to be used by an immense number of people looking for the next place to visit.

If you have any events, promotions, a new store opening or information about construction or closures, updates can be made seamlessly and remotely with a cloud-based CMS. This eliminates the costs of printing maps every time there is a promotion or address change and increases the immediacy of the information.

Captivating Advertisements

Advertising your business on wayfinding kiosks is a worthwhile way to get your business noticed. Digital kiosks are an engaging and eye-catching outlet that draw the attention of potential customers.

A listing in a digital directory or kiosk provides users with additional information about your business, such as opening hours and core services. Interactive wayfinding kiosks can be designed to display your company’s campaigns, logo and any additional desired messages to market your business and increase your traffic.

Personalized Itineraries

Visitors can find their way to new places without the help of a third party by using digital wayfinding kiosks. The interactive digital signage delivers a seamless user experience by providing personalized directions.

The kiosk’s wayfinding capabilities will help tourists know where they are, allow them to search for the type of place or attraction that interests them and designate the route they should take to get there. With the use of 3D maps and highlighted paths, visitors can picture what route they are going to take and successfully find their way to your shop!

If you want to brand and promote your business to tourists, interactive digital signage is the way to go! iGotcha Media creates exciting, interactive digital solutions for visitors to use. Click here for more information.



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