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Digital Signage in Public Spaces: A Big Step towards Smart Cities

Digital Signage in Public Spaces: A Big Step towards Smart Cities

The current world is technology-driven. Things are no longer done the ordinary and conventional way: everything is improving and becoming seamless thanks to technology. That said, digital signage is becoming the norm of the cities and at the forefront of smart city projects. Here is how outdoor digital signage is contributing to significant improvements in public spaces:

1. Display of Municipal Information

According to the UN, 68 percent of the world’s population will be living in cities by 2050. The shift in population from rural to urban areas require governments to take a new approach on how it handles and interacts with its inhabitants.  Government digital signage screens are used in government buildings and in the streets to disseminate valuable information to the public. Digital signage screens are used to display public messages and educate citizens on new government initiatives.

User-friendly content management software makes information easy to update remotely, significantly reducing costs and need for any on-site intervention. This evidently increases public satisfaction and safety.

2. City Service Information

As the population in cities continues to increase, residents often face challenges with finding parking spaces and dealing with traffic. Outdoor digital signage has brought about unique solutions to emerging urban challenges. They include screens with maps that show the available parking spaces, making it easy for people to find a spot for their vehicles. Interactive kiosks also disseminate real-time city information. It includes the current traffic situation giving the people alternative routes to take if they do not want to get caught up in a traffic jam.

3. Security of the Citizens

The smart city revolution, powered by digital signage, has made cities more secure for the citizens. Wayfinding software is used to relay emergency messages through outdoor digital signage screens. With that, citizens can effortlessly and promptly get alerts on emergencies and evacuations such as hurricanes, blizzards, and information on unsafe and closed streets.

Digital signage solutions are the brains behind any smart city. The inter-connectivity of digital signage screens and other technologies has made a significant contribution to the smart city objective: making the lives of the citizens better. This has been through the dissemination of real-time information, helping citizens find their way around cities, and keeping them secure. For more information on how digital signage has made the cities smart, click here.


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