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Airport Digital Wayfinding: Getting Travelers to their Destination on Time

The airline industry has long been at the forefront of digital technologies and solutions. For example, self-serve check-in airport kiosks have been around for over a decade now, and these easy-to-use devices have proved extremely effective at reducing passenger wait times and better allocating airline employees for maximum effectiveness. But check-in kiosks were only the beginning. Today, airlines can choose from a great variety of airport digital devices, with some of the most exciting advancements being in wayfinding signage and wayfinding kiosks. The following is a look at three key ways airline wayfinding technologies are improving travelers’ airport experience:

Provide Information

Being at a major airport and not knowing when or where your connecting flight is flying out of is stressful. Travelers not familiar with an airport can easily feel lost or rushed if they cannot easily access up-to-date and comprehensive information about their next flight. Digital wayfinding devices are incredibly effective at providing this thanks to their ability to be immediately updated from a remote location. Digital wayfinding signage and kiosks can be set to display both critical information like updated airplane times and ongoing emergencies in real-time, and helpful information, such as the estimated wait times a restaurant might have.

Guide Travelers

Interactive wayfinding maps and digital kiosks are also effective at helping travelers navigate their way through an airport. This has become increasingly important as with the advancements in GPS technology, more and more of the general public is used to using digital navigational devices to find their way and not static maps.

Entertain Passengers

Airport travelers who are not feeling stressed or rushed are frequently bored.  Waiting isn’t fun — especially when there’s a several hour delay on a connecting flight or when there’s children you’re traveling with. Airport signage can help relieve some of that boredom via content like interactive games or location-specific content that relates to either the city the airport is in or, when installed at or near gates, regarding destinations of upcoming flights.

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