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Retail Digital Signage & the Evolution of Shopping Malls

Digital signage is taking the market by storm. In fact, digital signage is projected to grow to become a $31.62 billion industry by 2023.

Retail is one of the sectors that is increasingly deploying digital signage tools to enhance shoppers experience in stores. Shopping malls are also undergoing an impressive revolution, facilitated by retail digital signage. Here’s how digital signage technology has changed how shopping feels and looks like:

Interactive Wayfinding

As the need for enhancing customer experience increases, retailers are taking a new approach in helping customers locate them. Retail digital signage tools such as interactive kiosks give customers access to intelligent maps which allow them to chart their own routes.

Mall wayfinding technology provides location-specific content on screens at different points of the malls. These solutions keep customers comfortable and well-oriented with mall property.

Providing Inventory Information and Expert Advice

By using touch screen interactive kiosks, customers can receive valuable information on store inventory for a better purchasing experience. By using interactive kiosks, retailers can provide consumers with detailed information on products and availability with a virtual in-store catalogue.

Through retail digital signage screens, customers can get also expert advice through face-to-face consultation, video, or voice. Businesses can enhance the customer experience by providing advice without necessarily employing full-time expert advisers.

Virtual Try-On

Retail digital signage has changed the fitting room experience, as clients can now use mirror screens to visualize how products will look on them. Customers can virtually try on anything from makeup to the graphic t-shirt they intend to buy. The same goes for accessories like sunglasses or hats; Customers can stand in front of a mirror screen to visualize how each item would look like on.

Retailers are now able to find a balance between clothes, accessories, and makeup that customers desire and the inventory realities, resulting in fewer returns and exchanges. This sums up to better customer experience.

Display of Endless Products

The traditional store may not have enough space to accommodate specific products. Endless aisle display provides more point-of-sales options leading to customer satisfaction and a higher customer base. Endless aisle provided through interactive kiosks help customers purchase products: even when they are not available on the shelves and have them delivered at their homes.

Retail digital signs are used by store owners to create custom content by targeted persona and schedule it to display at the time that the customers are likely to see it. For more information on how digital signage has changed the retail environment, click here.


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