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Why are Retail Stores Shifting to Digital Displays?

As the world becomes digital, digital platforms become the best place to connect with consumers. Competition is increasing in the retail market, and there is a need for businesses to find attention-grabbing ways to catch up with customers. With the digital out of home market is growing at a rate of 11% per annum, digital signage provides the best solution to boost traffic and attract potential customers. Here are why retailers are shifting from static signs to digital signage.

It is Cost-Effective

While newspapers run 1000 impressions for about $7, LED cost about $0.15. Unlike posters which have to be pulled down for retailers to update content, digital signage allows businesses to enhance and update content without incurring extra costs. Instead of printing and distributing more brochures, information on new products can be updated on the digital signs by the press of a button. The use of digital display at a restaurant instead of static boards eliminates the need to reprint in case of mistakes or changes.

Animated Content is More Impactful

Retailers are shifting to digital signage content because it has a lasting impact on consumers. 64% of consumers make a purchase after interacting with video content. Digital signage imagery has been found to be 2.5 times more effective in creating an emotional response in consumers than static signs do. Animated content displayed on LED screens placed strategically at malls is able to increase the conversions and sales that a business makes, by bringing more attention to its products.

To Create Interactive Customer Experiences

95% of Microsoft 2018 State of Global Customer Service survey respondents consider customer service as an important factor in their loyalty to a brand. The retail environment is competitive, and for businesses to get an edge, they need to look beyond being informative. As they enhance customer knowledge, they need to provide them with exceptional experiences that customers would not be able to find anywhere. 80% of brands get up to a 33% increase in sales after deploying digital signage.

Smart in-store digital signage like virtual try-on allows customer visualize how clothes look on them before they leave the store will lead to customer satisfaction and less returns. Interactive kiosks provide customers with detailed information about your products and services. The kiosks can be integrated with card readers making it also convenient to make payments.

Digital signage provides retailers with plenty of options for communicating with consumers and at the same time enhancing the experience with their brands. iGotcha Media can help you create an interactive engagement for your customers. Contact us for more information.


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