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Avoid Parking Mayhem in Your Mall with Outdoor Digital Signage

For some reason, parking lots tend to be governed by their own laws (or, sometimes, no laws at all)! Even the most courteous of drivers have been known to become upset in mall parking lots, and when everything is at a bit of a free-for-all, unpleasant conversations can turn into outright mayhem.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Outdoor digital signage can steer your shoppers toward a safer parking lot situation, no matter the season, day of the week, or time of day. Here’s how:

Offer Clear Directions

Whether you’re using wayfinding technology or simply place vibrant outdoor digital signage in places that are easy to see, drivers will have a greater understanding of the directions they’re supposed to go, be able to identify entrance and exit routes easily, and will be able to home in on their parking level before they leave the garage and go off into the mall.

Traditional signs or directions painted on concrete walls can be incredibly difficult to see, especially when drivers are already paying attention to a million other things in busy mall parking garages and lots. Outdoor digital signage ensures shoppers are met with eye-level, attractive, hard-to-miss instructions.

Display Speed Limits

Outdoor digital signage can easily remind drivers that speed limits in mall parking lots are much lower than they would be on the interstate or in residential areas. They also offer a quick reminder that pedestrians, including children, are walking in and out of the parking lot aisles to help keep people safe and avoid accidents.

Present Essential Information

Do you tow cars if they’re left overnight? What happens if someone gets into an accident in your parking lot? Who would they call? Do you charge fees for shoppers to park in certain areas of your mall parking garage?

Outdoor digital signage makes it simple for malls to display this essential information concerning parking lot rules and regulations. This messaging can be updated or scheduled remotely in the event that information, such as fees or fines, change.

Improving Security

Are you inundated with calls about thefts from the parking lot? Utilize digital signage to remind people to lock their cars and hide valuables in the trunk. Messages can also be targeted to thieves, reminding them that you have them on surveillance and will take legal action if necessary.

At iGotcha Media, outdoor digtial signage is what we do! If you’re ready to end the mayhem that occurs in your mall parking lot, we’re ready to help you remove the chaos with easy-to-read, attractive outdoor digital signage. Reach out to our team today!


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