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Interactive Digital Signage Allows for a Frictionless Checkout

Retail stores are allowing customers to shop without interacting with cashiers. BBC projects that there will be 468,000 self-checkouts adopted by retail stores globally by 2021. Retailers are investing in digital signage technology to achieve long-term productivity gains and to improve the shopping experience of their customers. Retail automation, such as the use of digital signage at checkout points, has changed the retail industry. Here are ways digital signage has allowed for a frictionless checkout at retail stores:

Increased Speed

The number one complaint of customers in retail stores is waiting line. Interactive checkout stands have reduced the time it takes to complete a transaction. Digital signage screens are equipped with barcode scanners that provide accurate price information as the customer makes the final purchasing decision. Cashiers do not have to enter the product code manually to get the price information. The self-service digital displays handle transactions faster, resulting in shorter queues.

Promote Independence

Customers are attracted to stores with self-checkouts because they offer them independence. Customers do not want to chat with cashiers and in-store attendants when they are shopping. The use of interactive digital signage stands at the point of sale is empowering. By scanning products on the digital displays with barcode readers, customers get detailed product information and can double-check the prices.

Customers speaking a different language also get a seamless experience, thanks to the language selection option at the self-service checkouts. As a result, they get more out of their shopping experience.

Allow a Variety of Payment Options

Paying with credit card is an easy option. However, different stores have different credit card processes which can be limiting. Digital signage kiosks at checkout points are designed to accept various payment options. Digital self-checkouts support credit cards, debit cards, cash, and mobile payment. They have a single unit that integrates a barcode scanner, touch screen, and a card reader.

Digital signage self-checkouts have reduced queues at retail stores as customers do not rely on cashiers for checkout. Customers have control over their shopping, as they can independently check product descriptions and prices on interactive kiosks which also offer them a range of payment options.

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