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Draw Hungry Shoppers in your Food Court with Digital Signage

Digital signage has provided restaurant owners with more dynamic ways of engaging their customers. By 2018, the digital signage market was estimated to be $18.55 billion: this includes hospitality. Turnkey digital signage has become the technological standards that shoppers in food courts expect. By using digital signage, you can showcase your latest menu and include engaging images and videos.

You can use digital signage in your restaurant to draw hungry shoppers in the following ways:

Digital Menu Boards

Dairy Queen has reported exceeding sales expectations 80% of the time an item is displayed on the digital menu board. Digital menu boards use full-motion videos to promote new items and prices. Vendors can show nutritional information on the menu items, and offers. You can update content on the menu boards for breakfast, lunch, and dinner according to shoppers’ needs. By using turnkey digital signage, you can identify the menu offerings that sell most at a particular time, and adjust the time they are featured to customers’ preferences. 

Self-Serve Ordering Kiosks

The use of touch-screen interactive kiosks allows customers to browse through the menu, make their order, and pay for their food. Self-ordering kiosks also provide customers with information on wait time and the status of their order. Digital signage makes the ordering process faster and more efficient by making the queues at the front counter shorter and reducing the waiting times. Customers get more time to make a menu selection, allowing you to make recommendations and influence their buying decisions.  

Advertising Display

Digital displays are used by restaurants in the food court to advertise themselves to shoppers throughout the mall. As consumers walk from store to store shopping, inevitable hunger sets in: positioning digital display screens showcasing mouth-watering pizza at different locations in the mall will have them heading for the food court. Using turnkey digital signage is the best way to make hungry customers notice you. 

Wayfinding Systems

Strategically positioned digital signage displays provide shoppers at malls with wayfinding directions helping them to spot your restaurant. Clear wayfinding screens and maps help hungry shoppers locate their favorite spots. 

If you want to attract hungry shoppers to your food court and give them extraordinary experience, turnkey digital signage is the way to go. iGotcha Media has the solutions you need to connect and engage with your customers. Click here to find out more about our solutions.


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