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Retail Digital Signage Creates an Immersive Try-on Experience

Retail digital signage is the best technique to ensure the survival of your brand in the highly competitive industry. It creates a retail experience that is genuinely immersive, connecting with customers and giving them greater control.

Your fitting room is the highest conversion area in your store. Therefore, investing heavily in the design and technology of these rooms is worthwhile. Customers dislike overheated dressing rooms with poor lighting, pushy salespersons, and lack of information.

With retail digital signage, you can replace these pain points with an immersive try-on experience that is interactive, informative, and entertaining.

According to a survey, a customer who visits the dressing room to try-on a product increases the chances of purchasing from 10% to 67%.

Here are innovative retail digital signage technologies that create immersive try-on experiences in your dressing rooms:

Interactive Mirror Screens

Digital signage creates an exceptional fitting room experience with the use of interactive mirror screens. Shoppers can try-on purchase items such as; hats, t-shirts, glasses, makeup, accessories, and clothing by navigating an interactive kiosk or touchscreen display, all without having to change clothes.

The interactive screens give customers a self-service option which makes the shopping experience more comfortable and quick. Self-service reduces the time that would be spent to stand in line for the fitting room and trying on clothing. These interactive screens also allow shoppers to complete their transaction all from the same device, limiting time spent waiting at the cash register.

Interactive mirror screens in the fitting room deliver a wow customer experience when customers see how products will look like while wearing them. Customers can scroll through different options and select items they like. The screens also auto-generate and suggest other products that can complete the look based on what the customer is trying out. This wows the customers and influences their buying decision based on the outlook of the outfit or product.

Interactive Kiosks in the Dressing Rooms

Retail digital signage has to expanded into fitting rooms. Retailers can deploy interactive displays in their dressing rooms, enabling shoppers to browse through real-time store inventory, as well as online inventory. A customer could scroll to see what different colours a specific article is sold in or if the store didn’t have their sizes, they could order the correct size online all without leaving the fitting rooms.

The touch screens show a simulated mannequin with a shape resembling the customer’s body. It shows how each outfit fits and how the fabric drapes. Using a slider, the customer can shift from small to medium to large sizes so that they can select the size that suits them.

This gives customers confidence that when they order the outfit online, it will match their actual body dimensions. No matter where the customers are, they can virtually browse the store and order the correct sizes and colors of products without the help of an assistant.

When the screens are not in use, they can be used to display information and content of your retail business. This will provide shoppers with additional details and an immersive brand experience.

Retail digital signage provides an exceptional shopping experience that boosts sales for your retail shop. iGotcha Media can help you create an immersive try-on experience for customers in your retail shop. Contact us today for more information.


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