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Take Your Customer Service to the Next Level with Interactive Digital Signage

79% of millennials prefer buying from brands with mobile customer service platforms. Customer satisfaction is the future of brand success. Interactive digital signage is among the tools that businesses are using to enhance customer experience. Here are ways digital signage can take customer enjoyment to the next level.

Digital Signage Saves Time

Interactive digital signage kiosks at checkout points in retail stores allow shoppers to get price information and make payments. As a result, queues have become shorter, and customers do not have to spend more time than they need to in a store. Self-service digital kiosks eliminate the need to wait on busy cashiers and attendants for customers to get information on products.

Interactive wayfinding has reduced the time customers spend in a business trying to locate an office. Strategically positioned digital display screens tell customers where they need to be.

Specialized Messages

Specialized promotions give customers a sense of entitlement: they feel the sales are exclusive for them. Businesses have different demographics visiting at different times of the day. Using interactive digital signage, you can display messages that reflect the needs of the diverse audience. Creating demographic-specific content personalizes the experience. 

Recommendations and Expert Advice

Using interactive digital signage, you can give customers real-time expert advice and display social media recommendations. Reviews from social media can help customers make a purchasing decision. Touch screen digital kiosks can provide customers with detailed product information and how to use it. Customers can also chat with customer and sales representatives on the interactive kiosks and get answers to their specific questions.


Entertaining and informative interactive digital signage content can enhance engagement. Positioning digital displays at checkout lines, waiting areas, and the dressing rooms will reduce the perceived waiting time. Including your brand’s unique voice while conceptualizing digital content increases the entertainment. Time will pass by quicker, and customers will be willing to shop with you again.

Excellent customer experience increases brand loyalty. Take advantage of technology to give customers what they want as they interact with your business. Interactive digital signage enhances the customer experience in several ways. By reducing time spent in a store, entertaining them, providing them with targeted information, and helping them make buying decisions by giving them expert advice.

At iGotcha Media, we offer interactive digital signage solutions that take customer experience to the next level. Reach out to our team today for more information.



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