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Convert Shoppers to Buyers with Digital Signage Kiosks

Increased competition in the retail market has resulted in retailers coming up with innovative ways to attract shoppers and convert them to buyers. Digital signage kiosks are an incredible technology that enables retailers create stellar customer experiences and boost revenue.

Customers expect more from their shopping experience, and they purchase products based on the information available. Interactive kiosks are providing the perfect service within the brick and mortal environment.

Retailers can use digital signage kiosks to convert shoppers to buyers in the following ways:

Capture Attention

Digital signage kiosks displays improve the customer’s in-store journey by presenting relevant information about products or services. Customers come with expectations, and interactive displays can provide attention-grabbing details to fulfill and exceed customers’ expectations.

The kiosks can help increase revenue through upselling. You can display additional information about similar but higher-priced products. Also, the screens can suggest products that go hand in hand, or bundle products together for special offers.

Interactive kiosks seek the attention of customers by providing wealthy information. Customers can browse product features, check products for fit, make price comparisons, see product tutorials, brand marketing campaigns, promotion products, and the offers you have. With that, customers experience what it is like to use or have the product in real life and this converts them to buyers.


Interactive kiosks encourage self-service which easily converts shoppers to buyers. According to research, self-service kiosks help increase consumer spending by 30%. This increases profits in your business.

The kiosks enhance higher customer satisfaction through self-service technology. Customers love to do things by themselves and be in full control of situations. The kiosks enable them to check inventory, order products and make payments without going to the cash register.

Self-service increases convenience and influences customer buying behavior. Customers love faster services; they hate delays and waiting. Interactive kiosks speed up service delivery and improve the customers buying experience which makes them return.

Improve Engagement

In order for businesses to successfully convert shoppers to buyers, they have to engage them, and the interactive kiosks are doing this perfectly. Digital signage kiosks improve customer interaction by making the buying experience easy and exciting.

According to IBM research, by 2020, 85% of customer’s interaction will be handled without human personnel. Interactive kiosks provide one-on-one assistance to customers in busy stores, without the need to wait for help. These kiosks facilitate the encounter and  display campaigns, product descriptions, tutorials, ingredients in a meal, and interactive mirrors where customers can see themselves in clothes they desire to buy. As a result, customers have engaged with your brand identity and had a memorable shopping experience.

You can improve the customer experience journey, influence their buying behavior, and increase revenue for your business with interactive kiosks. If you want to convert shoppers to buyers with digital signage kiosks, contact us here.



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