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Create a Customer Friendly Drive-Through Experience with Digital Signage

Competition in business today is ferocious. You need to invest in high-tech solutions and leverage every technological advantage to succeed.

Outdoor digital signage technology can put your drive-through business to a competitive edge. It enables you to display eye-catching advertisements in a unique way that increases visual appeal and attract customers to your business.

Outdoor digital signage can help you create a customer-friendly drive-through experience in the following ways;

Reduce Wait Times

Research demonstrates that the amount of seconds spent waiting at the drive-through window decreases the amount the customer is prepared to pay for their meal by 4 cents. When a drive-through cuts waiting time by 7 seconds, there is a 1% increase in sales.

Another study shows that 82% of millennials would do anything to avoid long lines and wait times, even if it means skipping meals.

Outdoor digital signage can help reduce drive-through wait times by displaying order status and order ready signs. This helps customers track their orders, which reduces perceived wait times.

Businesses can also display their best-selling menu items to save customers from trawling through the entire menu. This reduces the time a customer spends deciding what things to order and speeds up the number of orders processed in an hour, reducing wait time.

Increase Customer Engagement

You can increase customer engagement with outdoor digital signage by displaying digital menus, brand campaigns, offers, recipes, and tutorials in eye-catching ways. These digital displays can be placed before the ordering window to help the customer decide on what to order in advance. This speeds up the ordering process, all while enabling clients to create meaningful connections with your brand.

Reducing Order Errors

Miscommunication inevitably leads to order errors. You can minimize order errors by having a visual order confirmation display. It shows the full order and total costs allowing the customer to review and confirm that their choices are entered correctly. This helps in averting order errors and creating accuracy.

Menu Flexibility

Menu flexibility enables businesses to connect with shoppers by updating the menu based on the time of the day. The menu display can also change based on seasons or current weather. For example, on a scorching day, the display can suggest an ice cream or hot drinks in winter and cold drinks in summer.

Menus can also be edited to promote popular items, special offers, and discounts in an efficient manner.

Increased Visibility

Outdoor digital signage amplifies the drive-through experience with attention-grabbing displays. With a combination of fantastic contrast, high-brightness displays and wide viewing angles, commercial grade screens increase visibility and beckons the customers at a far distance.

Personalized Experience

Outdoor digital signage provides customized services by suggesting additional menu items based on the customer’s selections. It creates a more personalized customer drive-through experience by displaying menu options that are changed based on the day, trending menu items, weather, and present restaurant traffic.

Setting up an eye-catching drive-through design requires expertise. iGotcha Media can help you set up outdoor digital signage that will boost sales, increase customer satisfaction and engage your clientele. For more information, contact us here.


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