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Digital Signage is Revolutionizing the Health Care Industry

Digital Signage is Revolutionizing the Health Care Industry

Patients are continually looking for an interactive experience as they seek health care services. 83% of patients cite having interacted with their health care providers’ digital content. It is evident that patients’ needs are evolving, and hospitals need to adapt.

Digital signage is effectively used for patient management, marketing, communication, and entertainment in hospitals. 47% of health care executives expect digital signage solutions to make a significant impact on the industry: it is already happening. Here are the ways digital signage is changing the health care industry:


Visitors have a hard time navigating hospitals with many offices. Interactive maps can help patients find their way around your practice faster. The future of wayfinding includes the use of digital signage solutions with touchscreen capabilities allow visitors to get personalized directions. Digital signage screens and kiosks positioned at the entrance of your facility will help patients know where they need to go and free your staff from giving directions.

Easier and Faster Patient Intake Process

Digital signage solutions can make appointments intakes less frustrating. With interactive kiosks at hospitals, patients don’t have to queue to get in-person assistance. Patients can schedule appointments, update medical records, pay bills, and print receipts from a user-friendly digital kiosk.

Reduced Perceived Waiting Time

Waiting in hospitals when someone is ill is not pleasant. Digital signage solutions can be used to distract patients in the waiting room. Digital signage screens can display informative or entertaining content in order to divert the patient’s attention away from the length of the wait and make the visit more positive.

Facilitate the Sharing of Health-Related Information

Health practitioners can use the digital display screens to share information. As visitors wait for their appointments, they can view educative content such as wellness tips, medical advice, and other beneficial health-related information.

Real-Time Communication with Visitors

Digital signage is easier to update compared to static signs. Hospitals can, therefore, share up to date and real-time information. Digital signage solutions can be used to alert visitors on emergencies, and promote hospital events. Additionally, digital menu boards can be updated daily or hourly to reflect the restaurant’s current offerings, resulting in an improvement in the visitor experience.

Not only does digital signage improve the appearance of a health care facility, but it also increases the quality of services provided. At iGotch Media, we offer digital signage solutions that can benefit your health care practice. Contact us for more information on how you can use digital signage solutions to improve your health care practice.



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