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3. Factory Reset (**ONLY IF NECESSARY**)



1.1 Language Setup

When turning the TV on for the first time (RED button on the remote) you are asked to choose the convenient language for you  , simply navigate with the remote press “ok” on remote to continue setup

1.2 Installation Type

simply select “Basic Setup”

1.3 Connection type

  • Wired Connection (Ethernet)

If you have wired connection, just plug it in  before continuing the setup process , it will be detected automatically.

  • WI-FI Connection

IF NO wired connection, TV will automatically search for available Wireless Network list , then select the convenient network

then use the on-screen keyboard to enter the Wi-Fi password then click “Done”.

1.4 Display Orientation

select the Display Orientation which will fit with your media

1.5 Connect to Server

just choose “Skip”

1.6 Player Type

by using the remote arrows navigate and select “URL Launcher” then click ok , a popup will appears to enter the URL to download content from, please type  “” its very important to type all letters in a small case then click “done” then use the right arrow on the remote to move to the next step

1.7 Date Time

by using the arrows on the remote set the current date & time then use the right arrow on the remote to move to the next step

1.8 Finishing The Setup

now we are finishing the TV setup by clicking on “Done”


after finishing the TV setup it will go to the home screen automatically , so now you can continue setup igotcha Launcher by pressing on URL Launcher Setting

this popup will appear , please press “ok” on the remote to select this first selection as shown in below figure

the on-screen keyboard will appear just confirm the URL by pressing “Done”

by pressing “done” the downloading the URL Launcher will start

please wait a while till the downloading finish then it will automatically open the Launcher , now you can change the player id by using the remote and press on “A”. have to be sure that the URL is “” and type your Player ID then press “Done”.  please wait till the Launcher download the content and show it on the screen

notice: press”D” on the remote if you want to move between URL field and Player ID field


3. Factory Reset (**ONLY IF NECESSARY**)

first be sure the TV not using the Launcher by clicking “Exit”  on the remote

turn off your TV

press “Mute” –> “1”–>”8″–>”2″–>”power on”

please wait  a while

now your TV in a service mode

select “option”

then select “Factory Reset”

then confirm selecting  “Factory Reset”

your TV will turn off so please wait for 5 second then try to turn it on again



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