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Plan for Success: How an Effective Content Strategy Increases ROI

Digital signage is revolutionizing the manner in which businesses and organizations share information with their visitors and customers. Within an organization’s lobby or above their merchandise, a digital signage solutions offers that business a more creative and flexible way to display content. However, whether you opt for video walls or an interactive lobby kiosk, a content strategy is necessary to ensure you are using your digital sign effectively to increase ROI.

Begin With Goal Identification

Developing a content strategy is important as it allows you and your marketing team to better understand your goals and develop a path to achieve them. Begin with determining what success in relation to advertising content means for your brand. Does it mean an increase in traffic, an increase in general sales, an increase in the amount of sold items per transaction, or something else entirely? Once you know which KPIs you intend to measure in other to determine the success of your campaign, you can begin crafting a strategy that will best meet those described goals.

Developing effective content is no easy task and the interactivity of digital signage can make things seem a touch more complicated. If you don’t have experience with motion design or digital signage solutions, then consider hiring an outside team to help you develop content to best meet your audience’s needs and preferences.

Achieving a Return on Investment

With a solid content strategy in place, businesses can begin drafting and displaying various content and start measuring their ROI. Of course, measuring ROI on digital signage can be tricky and will relate to the type of content you opt to display and the specific content strategy you implement. Furthermore, with digital signage, some of the key benefits are hard to define and harder to measure, such as guest overall experience and employee morale. Some good tactics to watch the ROI come in on digital content include maintaining and tracking a customer loyalty program and sales related to a specific advertised product or service.

If you want to learn more about how to calculate the ROI of your digital sign, click here.

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