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How to Choose the Best LED Digital Sign for Your Business?

How to Choose the Best LED Digital Sign for Your Business

The content displayed on LED digital signs increases sales by 31.8%. Retailers are leveraging digital signage technology to attract customers to their stores and to increase their bottom line. The digital signage industry is estimated to increase from $20.8 to $29.6 billion in 2024. To experience the full effectiveness of digital signage, you should choose the right LED signs in Montreal.

Here are tips to help you choose the best digital sign for your business. 

Size and Viewing Angle

Larger LED digital signs are used for outdoor viewing. Outdoor environments are complex and busy. A monitor with a large surface area will best meet outdoor viewing needs. Meanwhile, a smaller LED screen is more suitable for certain indoor environments. 

Recommended angles for a digital display screen is between 120 and 160 degrees. This angle prevents visual interference and allows shoppers to get an accurate perception of your content.

Weather Conditions of the Installation Location

The weather conditions of where the LED sign will be installed will affect your choice. A LED screen with dust resistance features works best in dusty places and areas that experience a lot of wind. If it is a humid location or one which gets a lot of precipitation, choose LED digital signs that are water-resistant.

Weather-proof LED displays are suitable for any location. Alternatively, you can use weather-proof casings for the displays.

Resolution and Brightness

Smaller indoor screens require a higher resolution; that is more pixels. A larger screen viewed from a longer distance can be made of a lower resolution. Resolution determines the ability of the users to define content. Resolution is affected by pixels, viewing distance, screen size and pixel technology.

The number of pixels contributes to the brightness of the content displayed. The individual brightness of the monitor should be considered too. The appropriate brightness is one which does not affect the readability of the content when exposed to the sun or at night. Outdoor LED signs should have an intensity of about 5000 nits. Two thousand nits are ideal for indoor displays.


Retailers are eliminating queues in their stores by introducing self-service kiosks. The interactivity of LED display signs will bring order and equity in your store. Customers getting product and pricing information from self-service kiosks at the checkout point will make their experience in your store better.

LED digital signs offer the perfect solution to your daily store operations. Choosing the right screen by factoring in resolution, the size of the screen, and interactivity will benefit your store. At iGotcha Media, we provide dependable LED digital signs solutions tailor-made for your intended audience. Contact us for more information. 



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