User guide




  • Find the software in Documents, right click on it and select Properties

  • In the Properties window, check the Unblock checkbox, and click Apply

  • Right click on the software zip file and select Extract All… 
  • In the Extract window, remove the version number and click Extract

  • In the extracted iGotchaSignage folder, find iGotchaSignageManager.exe  => right click => Create shortcut
  • In your Windows Search Bar ( Bottom Left ), search for Run
  • In the Run window type shell:startup, and press OK, this will open the Startup Folder

  • Copy the iGotchaSignageManager.exe – Shortcut and paste it in the Startup folder

  • Now if you Prestart the media player, iGotchaSignage will launch automatically
  • When iGotchaSignage is launched, double click on the iGotcha logo to access the player settings
  • Enter the Player ID and click save, the content deployed will download and start playing
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