User guide



  • BrightSign PC (model XD234)
  • 4K screen
  • Lan Connection for both ” PC & Screen”
  • Empty memory card Formatted as Fat32
  • Get a BrightSign computer
  • Get an empty SD card
  • Insert SD card and screw in the cover
  • Take note of the serial number
    • Looks like ( D1E870000xxxx )

  • Go to iGotchaSignage v1/Classic
  • Go to the settings of the player you want to configure
  • Write the serial of the BrightSign computer under “BrightSign Serial
  • Screen resolution should be 3840 x 2160
  • Set the Memory threshold override at 500 megs

  • Set Override os type to BrightSign 
  • Select the latest target software version
  • Hit save

  • Connect your BrightSign computer to the network,  4K screen and power them ON
  • If everything is done right, the player should start downloading and playing content in about 15 minutes

For repurposing BrightSign players

This is in case a player was not set up with the right ID or we have to replace a unit

  • Remove all mentions of the serial number on the platform and save
  • Go to the player you want to setup as and write the serial there, save
  • On the player that has the wrong ID, remove the SD card and erase everything on it. You don’t have to format.
  • Reinsert the SD card in the BrightSign PC
  • Connect HDMI and network
  • HOLD both button (SVC and reset) and connect the power cable, keep holding both buttons

  • When the red error LED start flashing, release the buttons. This will factory reset the computer.
  • It should reconnect and start the network recovery.
  • Let it download and it should reconfigure itself to the new ID.
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