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iGotcha was mandated to find an innovative way to display NEE’s catalogue of fireplaces, all while helping visitors create their own environment. We wanted the customers to understand the look and feel of each model and be able to customize them to their liking.


Our experts designed interactive tools that allowed visitors to imagine their own ideal fireplace. By a few motions of a finger, clients can design their perfect fireplace by changing individual components such as the exterior and interior frames and the material inside the hearth.

Our team developed a virtual luxury living room with realistic animated effects, giving customers a better sense of how a fireplace can tie a room together. We also created an animation that enables customers to visualize the flames of each fireplace model in a realistic manner.

Our Process
Virtual Reality Expertise
Content Development
Turnkey Solution
Hardware Recommandation

Distributor of a wide range of top quality wood, gas, pellet and anthracite fireplaces and stoves from various countries around the world.

Innovative Digital Experiences
We offer digital display solutions that include material, installation, content strategy and app development.
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